Sunday, July 01, 2007

Dodi Block #2

February? Red Block
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The month that the moderator of that list I was on chose the color red is the month I decided that I was going to add beads to the black stitching on my blocks. I know the other dayI mentioned that the blue block needed beads, but I just realized that all my beads are packed & in the storage unit! So, the beading part of this project will have to wait until we get moved.

The piece of fabric from Dodi's stash is again the center piece in this block. She used all solid colors for her crazyquilt work and most of the time it was either taffeta or satin.

I REALLY love this block. Not only does the black stitching look great on the red fabrics, but I also really think this block pretty much illustrates my personal style of crazy quilt stitching. Although I would probably add some patch embroidery if I wasn't doing this as a tribute to my mother-in-law, seam stitching and layering stitches is my favorite thing about crazyquilting.

Although I have used some silk ribbon embroidery here and there as I worked on class samples and round robins, it isn't the first thing I think of when I look at a naked cq block. Often the first thing I do after piecing a block is to cartoon it on a piece of newsprint art paper. I really like to plan my seam treatments ahead. HowEVER, that doesn't mean I don't stray from "the plan" at all. I often make changes as I go along.

Well, I am procrastinating chore today is to clear all the shelves in the laundry room because Painter-Man will be back tomorrow to help G paint the room so it looks all sparkly fresh and clean. As soon as I finish that and some trimming in the front yard, I'll be back redwork stitching on block #4 for the mystery quilt!

Stitch On!

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