Monday, July 02, 2007

Visiting the Stash

Way in Back!
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Well, a fat lot of good it did, but today I took a trip out to visit the stash! Alas, it was a failed effort since the stash was the first thing moved into the 10' x 15' deep temperature-controlled storage area. I was only able to wave from afar. I took a couple other pictures also which you can see in my Flickr photostream if you click on this zoomed picture of the boxes in back.

I made sure that my stash was the first thing packed & moved into the storage area and placed against the back wall. My logic? Well, I figure if we are moving far afield it will end up on the back of any truck and will then be readily available. It wil either get moved into a large area of our new abode will be moved into a smaller storage area so that I can load it into the new abode gradually as time allows.

Logic! Maybe I'm crazy, but I think I'm logical. And I'm organized - just LOOK and SEE! Those boxes all have a number on them. And the numbered inventory exists on paper AND on this computer!

Now back to stitching as the Painter-Man and G put the final coat of paint on the garage and laundryroom. Sheesh! This place didn't look this good when we bought it 23 years ago! Nor has it ever been this empty or quiet. It was filled with the girls' noises and activities for so long, but no more. I'm ready to say goodbye.............

Stitch On!

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piney cq said...

Gooooooddd Golllllyyyy Ms....LA!!!! How can you BEAR being away from your stash?? Is the house on the market yet??? Goodness I hope this goes quickly for you since you've had to separate yourself from all your treasures for a bit! Ohhhhh the work! HUGGGSSSS to you for all this!! Hang in there!