Saturday, July 07, 2007

Scotty Dog

Scotty Dog for pillow
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Last night I finished up the last of the embroidery on this project. The image has been in my files for some time. I can't tell you what site it came from because my printout doesn't have any web address on the bottom. I used the Crayola twist up crayons for coloring the dog and butterfly before stitching. I was worried about the black smearing as I handled the block while embroidering, but heatsetting it with a dry iron before I began embroidering really worked well even with the black crayon.

This will probably be a Christmas present for my #3 granddaughter who loves dogs. Her room is decorated in the 1930's colors and so I chose these two 30's repro fabrics to go with this project. It will be made up into one of my "infamous" pillows for her bed.

However, right now all my pillow forms are in storage and I think this will be easier to store in a project envelope until we get moved. I'm assuming & hoping that we will be moving before Christmas!

For my ongoing projects I use the 12" x 12" clear project envelopes from Michael's. I find it a good system. You can find them in many crafts stores and even Jo-Ann Fabrics in the scrapbooking area. They stand on the shelf and I can see at a glance what is in each of them. I have like 20 of them I kept here at the house to work on while we wait for the house to sell.

Some contain completely finished blocks ready to be made into a quilt top, but many just contain patterns like my McKim Farm Life Quilt. I finally found the perfect coordinating fabric for that quilt so then I was able to choose the best color of DMC floss for the blocks. Everything is now in a project envelope awaiting me. A lot fits in these envelopes because they have an expandable bottom and sides. I just might start on the Farm Life Quilt blocks as soon as I wrap up a couple other UFO's here.

For now though my daily life is still packing, sorting and cleaning. The papers are all signed and the "Coming Soon" sign went up in front of the house today. Just a few more things to do and then the fun begins!

Stitch on!


piney cq said...

Absolutely precious!!! What a neat giftie this will be!!! Hope it works out for you to be moved by xmas! Here's keeping fingers crossed for ya!

Mary said...

I have been searching the internet looking for instructions on how to do the coloring with crayons like you cute dog picture...can you help me?

LouAnne said...

Mary: Evidently your profile is private so I could find no other way to respond to you. I hope you see this. It's simple to do this type of work. After your image is transferred to fabric, tape it to a firm surface & color your image. Then place doubled paper towels over the colored piece and press until no color comes off. Then you can do your outline embroidery. If you need add'l help, please email me through my profile.