Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ornament #4 Finished!

Ornament #4
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This evening I finished the 4th ornament in the Blueberry Hill set of 12. Today I also made a crazyquilt block and prepped the fabric and pattern for the drawstring pants I want to make for myself. HowEVER, having no table here large enough to lay out 2 yards of fabric & pin the pattern on, I've decided to get out one of our portable tables tomorrow to do the pinning and cutting. I'll do it before I clean the dining room floor which has to be done in case anyone wants to see the house this weekend.

The rest of the evening I guess I will lay out and cut the backing for my July Challenge Doll Quilt. The August challenge was posted today and it's called Crazy 9 Patch. I copied the instruction from the tutorial that was linked to the challenge group and it looks interesting. It's for a full size quilt, so the challenge for ME I think will be to figure out how to downsize the concept for a doll quilt......

Maybe I'll just start Ornament #5!!!!!

Stitch On!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Beautiful redwork, LouAnne!

Cindy McClure lives in the next town over from me, Camas, Washington.
She was just ready to ship the doll I have when 9/11 happened, so she was kind of stuck with a garage full of them. She had them for sale at our local Curves for a very reasonable price. Wish I had bought all three of them!

I can see why you would want to make clothes for them...they are precious!

piney cq said...

These are looking really great, LA!!! Great job!!!