Saturday, September 08, 2007

Final Redwork Ornament

Final Redwork Ornament
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The Redwork Ornament set is done! AND....I went shopping for Christmas fabric, which normally I wouldn't need. But with everything in storage, I had no Holiday fabric at my fingertips. I want to make a sample block of what I think I'll do for this Holiday quilt or wallhanging, but first I had to go buy a pad of graph paper so I could try some different settings. Yes, the graph paper is in storage too. By the time we get moved, I'm going to have doubles of a lot of things!
A friend of mine is doing 3 of these designs in red too but she's decided to add gold accents to the designs. I think that's a wonderful idea. I had already decided I might do another set and use beads on them. Another idea I had was to do a set in the real colors of the items, like green on the leaves and purple on the grapes of this last one. Even doing that I could add some beads here and there I think.
Yesterday afternoon I dug out all the DMC floss I had in the Hot Wheel Garage container labeled "stranded floss" and discovered that I actually did not have much DMC at all. Most of it I inherited from my mother-in-law and HER mum, my dh's gramma. I put what little DMC I found into a floss box according to number and started winding some of the new colors that were unique and I could only find one of. Winding actually hurt my hands worse than stitching does! Who knew? I wound last evening until I ran out of bobbins.
Today I made a run to Michael's Crafts for some more bobbins and they didn't have very many. So.........I dropped into the Wal-Mart on the way home and my-oh-my! Those 3 round-y racks have been raided thoroughly! HowEVER......there were still 43 skeins of white and ecru there for the grabbing.
Now if I just knew where my dyes were in the storage place I could make some unique varigated floss!

Well, off to wind away the evening!

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Sweet P said...

Your last Christmas ornament is adorable. You've certainly built your DMC stash lately. You won't need to buy floss for a long time.