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Vintage Embroidery #3

Vintage Embroidery #3
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Here is the third piece of vintage embroidery that I purchased on our recent trip. The 8-1/2" square backing appears to be a very soft cotton velveteen and the actual embroidery is in awesome shape. It's done with what looks to be silk floss. It is possible, however, that the thread used was an art or filo sylk which was a common thread available during the early part of the 1900's. I have many such skeins in my stored stash and I believe they are made of rayon.

The stitching has a wonderful sheen or light to it that I don't think shows in the photo. Silky to the touch, it's a very nice example of what these days is being called thread painting. There are many shades of greens, golds and browns used skillfully for the stems and leaves and almost as many shades of reds used in the flowers.

I wonder at the patience and skill this floral piece took to complete. The design appears to have been drawn onto the velvet with some kind of white ink or paint. On the back there are thread ends and jumps that show the fineness of the stitches and threads used.

There are pressed hems on the back on all 4 sides of this piece and some remnants of stitching leads me to believe that it perhaps had a former life as a pillow.

The more I study these pieces, the more thankful I am that I was in the right place at the right time and was able to give them a new home where they are greatly appreciated. I only hope I can do justice to their stitcher's skills when I find a way to give each of them a new life.

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