Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Saturday Haul!

My Saturday Haul!
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I visited the Diablo Valley Quilter's 23rd Quilt Show in Danville, California today. My husband and I went to high school in Danville and his 50th Class reunion is next Saturday. So, he went scouting for places to buy supplies for the Class picnic that he is helping with which will be held next Sunday afternoon. And I went to the quilt show which was held at Charlotte Wood Elementary School.

Whenever I go to this show I always look around for familiar faces, but the town has changed so much since we moved away, I've never seen anyone I know.

It's always a good show though and since they went to having it every other year, it has doubled in size. Most of my "haul" came from the booth of the Blankie Project (Chemo quilts) that I make quilts for. Just look at all those silk threads someone donated! The lace was from there also plus I bought 4 fat quarters of Christmas fabric which were, sad to say, busy in the laundryroom and couldn't make the photo session!

The buttons I bought to put on my Under The Sea block for the Crazy Quilt International charity project block that I'm making. I don't think you can see them very well - they are all starfish things. The cluny trim was a "just because it was there" purchase. You never know when you might need some trim.

One of the vendors had those little lacy corset appliques in black and red. I just couldn't pass the black one up! I've no idea what I'll do with it, but I just had to have it! There were also stylized cats and fancy hats but the corset just grabbed me! And it was only $2!

Be Honest! Could you have left it there?

Stitch on!


Sweet P said...

What a wonderful haul. That lace corset would look adorable on my Wicked Girly quilt that I am almost making. I'll have to keep an eye out for one when I go shop hopping in two weeks.

piney cq said...

You're finding such AWESOME things!!! Good for you!!! Ya' outta use the corset on the black on black some way! Hmmmm..... GGGG

Pat Winter said...

No way! You did good!!! Love seeing stash,thanks for sharing. Looks like you had fun too.