Sunday, October 11, 2009

Farm Quilt Block #12

Farm Quilt Block #12
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The 12th block of the Ruby McKim Farm Quilt set is a cat which I very quickly did Friday night while watching t.v. I just love that program "Numbers" on Friday evenings. It brings back the time in college when I was a real math geek.

Next up is the rooster and then a hen. Mr. Rooster is quite complicated with all this feathers. I worked on it yesterday during our Delta Crazy Stitcher's monthly meeting. I have it all done except now I must move to 1 strand of floss to do his face and feet.

Stitch On!


Sharkeysday said...

So, you survived the crazy rain? It's looking great - so how are you putting this all together (I know I'm impatient, I'd love to see the finished idea!)

LouAnne said...

MF: Before I even started stitching these blocks, I found this awesome fabric that is an all over print of farm houses, barns & fields. The barns are the same color as what I have used to stitch the blocks with. I matched & bought the DMC for them that same day. Depending upon how it looks, I may use the print for alternative blocks or maybe just for the border. Not sure yet. The finishing part is the hardest for me, yet it's very satisfying. I think you'd agree!