Thursday, October 22, 2009

New to me Sampler

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The other day at our Tuesday group meeting, a friend gave me this sampler from some things she no longer wanted. I don't do much cross stitching anymore, but I LOVE to find finished pieces even if they might need some repairs.

The next day I thoroughly looked this piece over and must tell you that was VERY well done by whoever stitched it. The edges are turned under about 1/4 inch and on one of them is printed "No 207 - Pure Linen Sampler Made in USA by Vogart."

The stitching is very nice and even the back is quite neat and tidy. The blue corner flowers and the bluebird are neatly satin stitched. There were some age-related stains on the lower half of the piece, but they are all gone now after a 10 minute soak in some warm water with Dawn dishwasher soap added. I rinsed it a couple times and dried it outside in the sunshine. No bleeding of the threads and it is looking almost new.

I'm not sure I will frame this piece or use it in the center of a quilted piece....time will tell. I need to find a couple other samplers that I know are somewhere here. At least one was done by my Canadian grandmother and was found by my dad when she passed away.

Back to downsizing!

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