Sunday, December 25, 2005

Stash Sunday - Novelties?

Stash Sunday - Novelties?
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Novelties or Purple she said, so here's a small area of my Novelties - How would I pick just one? Some are "filed" according to subjects like the ones you're looking at in the, coffee and critters. the stack on the right is all florals and garden related prints.

I have had a "thing" for novelty fabrics for such a long time that I can't remember when I started. At one time I went through it all and tested for 100% cotton. Unless it was a super-duper, can't be replaced print, the poly-cotton blends went bye-bye.

Unfortunately that didn't lighten my load much. Besides these shown I also have stacks in themes of patriotic, cows, hearts, architectural, nature (rocks,etc.), ocean, fairies, wine/grapes, golf, sewing, oriental, and many more.

What do YOU do with your novelties?


A Girl From Texas said...

I just read your post titled "Mum". I am finishing up my first quilt, Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Bill. I'm curious, what have you decided to do with the block you found?

The pattern I used was the same one my great Aunt used way back when. My sister found it. I have no idea how she found it.

Barb said...

Why reduce? Almost seems sacreligious, lol. I like to sew with neckties, so I use silks right next to wools. It's all good! But novelty prints are my favorite also. And juvenile prints.