Saturday, August 19, 2006

Our little vacation

Aren't they lovely?
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I'm busy stitching today so I thought I would post some of the pictures I took at the Monterey Bay Aquarium last week. Everything was so wonderful and I got a little shutter-happy.

These 4 pictures were taken in just one area of the aquarium which, if you've never visited, is well worth your time. It's especially worthwhile if you have kids in tow. Mine would have loved it. But, even for older adults it is a great place to visit. We spent almost the whole day there seeing all the exhibits, all the film presentations and even we even sat for a time and just laughed like crazy over the antics of the otters and penguins.

These shots are very inspiring if you intend one day to stitch any ocean themed items. That's why I took so many pictures. Enjoy!

Perhaps I'll post a few more tomorrow..........

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Linda_J said...

those are amazing pics, Louanne!