Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Redwork Experiment

A redwork experiment
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Last night I completed the stitching on a little experiment
I have been collecting the mannequin designs at the Bobby Socks website (http://members.shaw.ca/shareski/freeredwork.htm). Then I found this great fabric with little mannequins all over it. I just knew it was perfect to sash and border a quilt made from these designs.
After I found that fabric (shown on left) I really wanted to do the blocks in different colors on some light tone-on-tone fabric that has to do with sewing. I had seen one in the past that was a like white-on-white print of tiny scissors. However, I could not find anything even similar. I found in my stash a button print of cream mother of pearl buttons but it was too dark.
After searching for a long time and buying one fabric that, after laundering, had an awful stiff "hand", I got to thinking about using the cotton fabric that you can put through your printer. I can also copy and scan on my machine, so I made a color copy of that button fabric using the lowest density I could. But it was still too dark to do these design on so I then made a low density copy of the lighter copy and got a print that I thought it might work. SO.............
I copied the print onto a Jacquard cotton fabric sheet I got at Michaels and did the design on it, finishing it last night. I have since bought some solid-reading fabric in the colors that are on the mannequin print to use as frames around each block So I took a picture of this block this morning with those and the mannequin fabric positioned around on the sides. I plan to stitch the mannequin designs all differently but within this color range.
Has anyone done this before or am I truly inventive? Really Big LOL!
The only difficulty I had with the whole thing was just after I removed the paper backing from the fabric sheet when I noticed the fabric seemed stiff. And, after letting it dry for 24 hrs, it still seemed that way, but I decided to give it a try anyway. Once I transfered the design and started hooping & handling the fabric, it softened up quite a bit. In the end it was draping nicely over my hands as I stitched.
I have been looking at this block for what seems forever, so I'd like some unbiased opinions about it. Is the button print distracting? Should it be even lighter? I worry if I made it any lighter, you wouldn't notice that it was a print at all......


Maddie Can Fly said...

You are very inventive -- great idea! I think the button fabric is exactly right and I love your idea of bordering with the colors. Can't wait to see it all completed.

Linda_J said...

I know that the hp site had some files for printing your own fabric a few years back--one of their craft type projects that month. I have not been to the site in a long time so hard to say if it still there.

Still it is very clever of you Louanne! This is going to be a very cool project all the way around.

piney cq said...

Great idea! I love the theme and the back ground fabric! It really ought to be a fun piece when you're done!

Susan said...

If you hadn't mentioned the button print, I don't think I would have noticed it at all. This could be a really cute project when you have them all finished. =)

Calisews said...

Hello from a fellow CA quilter. I too am doing this set of embroidery designs, just found them and they seem to feed my embroidery bug. I love your fabric choices. I have a piece of hot pink with black polka dots and am useing that as my theme for these designs.

Isn't it wonderful how people see the same thing in different lights?