Monday, May 28, 2007

Fly Away ClaireBear!

Miss B Before
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The day Brianna was born 18 years ago I took a bear I had bought for her with me to the hospital. It was there throughout my Lamaze coaching during her Mum's labor & delivery and when B was less than an hour old "ClaireBear" took up residence in her basinet in the hospital. A few days later the bear came home with Brianna to our house. She (the bear) has been living at our house every since B's folks moved their little family up to a mountain top in Northern California.

Since Brianna was about to be launched into the Real World last Friday night, ClaireBear and I both thought perhaps B might be needing someone to hug from time to time. Perhaps it was time for the bear to move on. So, I made a tag to hang around her neck with this picture on one side and some words of "bear wisdom" on the other. I wish I'd kept a picture of it, but I made it with my Publisher program on cardstock and, in my haste, I didn't save the file and I didn't even take a picture of her before I wrapped her up. And, too late I realized that somewhere over the last 18 years the picture had some ink transferred onto it - probably from the back of another picture. Luckily it didn't show very much on the tag I made.

I learned two things at Brianna's graduation. The first was how emotional these occasions can be and I thought a great deal about my own parents and how they must have felt at MY high school and college graduations. Secondly I learned that all B's friends now call her Bree. Even her Dad said he just can't get used to that.

She'll always be Miss B to us!

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Charlene said...

Glad you're sharing this sentimental journey.