Friday, May 04, 2007

Roomie Block for Omaha Auction Quilt

Roomie Block
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This is the block I made for a wallhanging that will be donated to the auction at the CQ Society's retreat in Omaha, Nebraska this June. One of our roomies, Kate Hollifield, pieced and sent the blocks to each of us and we were to embellish with jewel tone stitching.

I haven't been stitching anything recently as we're packing and storing our belongings in preparation for the sale of our home, so this was a nice diversion and caused me to realize how much I miss stitching!

I love layering stitches, as you might be able to tell! LOL! I used a lot of silk pearl threads, ribbon floss and beads on this block. The heart necklace idea is one I used a couple times before. Once I used it on a block for a friend that was a Gone With The Wind themed block and the other time I stitched a locket was on the wool block I did for Cindy for her fulled wool article in the AQS Publication. For this one I used a simple heart charm with an open center and I filled it with SRE knots & gold beads.

Because it's kind of my signature, I always like to do a ring motif of some sort on any cq block I work on. I strive to make each one slightly or greatly different. This one is built around a very small glass ring.

I did the button cluster to create some dimension to the all-black block. The pink button is a vintage mop button that I removed from its mint button card. The pink & purple fabric covered button is from my late Mum's favorite blouse.

As usual, you can click on each picture and see more details as the pictures appear in my Flickr photos.

Stitch On!

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Charlene said...

Good to see you 'out and about'. This is a beautiful concept, and sure it will be beautiful when completed. Your stitching is amazing, as always!