Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Miss B is Graduating!

Graduation Pillow Design
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We are all excited here because this Friday, May 25, 2007, our first grandchild, Brianna, is graduating from high school. She recently turned 18 just after she returned from a wonderful trip to France, England and Scotland with some of her classmates. It just seems so unreal that she is 18 and about to be launched into the big world. It sure makes G and I feel old. It seems like just yesterday she came home from the hospital.

When she was born to our eldest daughter, I was still in "baby mode" G says and with our daughter going back to work, Miss B, as we call her, was here at our house everyday ALL day. She was like our 4th daughter and we have always felt extremely connected to her. I even quit my computer operator/programmer job in order to stay home with her while her Mum worked. Since her folks moved up North to the top of a mountain we have seen her less and less, sadly.

This embroidery design came from a magazine called "Cross Stitch for All Seasons 2002". It's not cross stitch - go figure! I kept a copy and passed on the magazine to a friend last year.

I plan to do the design for all the 6 other grands as they make this Rite of Passage. I thought I might frame it, but decided on a pillow instead for the first one. Miss B may be leaving home soon, so she probably will make good use of the pillow. The blue fabric will be the sides and back of the pillow and I'm thinking, if I have time, that I might embroidery something on the sides. They look so plain, but it was the best I could do. They told me at Jo-Ann Fabrics that they never got any graduation themed fabrics this year. I planned poorly for this because I have some in my stash - but, stash is all in storage in preparation for our move.

Of course, I had to wait to do the embroidery until their graduation gown color was determined. And, down the road a piece, I'll have to adapt the design for a boy graduate since of the 7 grands we have 2 are boys. The boys are only 6 and 4-1/2 right now though, so I have a while to come up with the male adaptation!

Stitch on!

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