Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Yellow Room

My Yellow Room
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After my post yesterday a friend emailed me to say she was surprised that the walls in my studio were apparently still Big Bird Yellow. Well, yes they are, but not for long I fear.

This picture was taken as I was re-loading the room after the re-paint a few years ago. Obviously I hadn't finished unloading the closet yet, so don't look too closely.

I've since found that this color could also be considered Lego Yellow as I saw a sewing room the same color posted on Ami Simms website. The owner of that yellow room had taken a yellow Lego block to the paint store for the color mix! I'll have to find some Legos before I go painting my new digs!

I've enjoyed this happy bright color immensely and hate to bid farewell to it. Although, based on the shocked look on the face of our potential realtor when she entered my yellow room of good intentions, I think it's best to do a repaint before we list the house for sale. I hope when we finally get settled somewhere else I have not only a little larger space to call my own, but one just as cheerful and inspiring. I secretly have my fingers crossed for a basement! Shhhhh, don't tell G!

I took the other picture that follows this dialog this evening. I feel fortunate that our potential realtor feels that it is okay for me to leave this room set up as a sewing room. However, you can see, there's not much left in the room - at least not much left by MY standards. My piecing buddy from yesterday's post is almost unseen in the picture but it's on the right just under that orange light shade.

The lighting is also different in tonight's picture - so much so that the walls look almost dirty. They are NOT dirty folks - just think of it as candlelight, okay? The walls, for a few more hours at least are bright and vibrant YELLOW! I will sure miss this room................

STILL my favorite color! YELLOW! It's the new NEUTRAL!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Hi LouAnne...thanks for your comment on my blog...I too was thinking of limiting my colors of the embellishments on the busy CQ I'm working on. It could be pretty overloaded otherwise!
Thanks also for your congrats on the $100K Challenge...that magazine gets to the West Coast absolutlely last, I think!
Hope your home sale goes well...

Sharkeysday said...

well, you'll have to have that yellow paint ready to go in the next house! I love yellow daughter's room is yellow and my son's room is about to be green (lego green is about right!).