Sunday, August 12, 2007

Progress? A Rehearsal of sorts?

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Last night after having dinner out I forced G to shop with me for some embellishments for the pillow for our bed. After playing with them a bit this morning I think I can deal with just these things and a whole lot of stitching.

The shoe pincushion motif I will embroider in dark plum silk floss on the gold patch. It is an enlargment of a tiny rubber stamp I bought yesterday morning at a garage sale while we were out on our daily walk. I had to go to Michael's Crafts to get a stamp pad because all mine, of course, are in storage. The little stamp is enlarged 225%! I plan to use dimensional beads atop the pins in the pincushion.

The faux silk I had left over from when I made a bunch of copies of my Kensitas flower silks to give as a freebie to my eBay buyers months ago.

I'm not sure about the leaf; it's a "silk" one from a packet from the craft store, but I thought it might look good if I stitch tiny gold beads along the veins. Or not - we shall see.

Everything else, believe it or not, came from Wal-mart. I was delighted to find that they have gotten in some really nice things since I was last there. The butterfly was $2.88 and everything else - the pretty dragonfly - 13 of the gold mop rings - 40 of the small mop disks - was $1.88. As I look at the picture now next to the text box I am typing in, I think I need to perhaps move that butterfly up a pit to soften the edge of that sharp piecing corner above where it sits now.

I don't know what I'll do with those little mop disks, but I've got 40 of them so perhaps 3 little flowers and then some semi-detached leaves using the woven picot technique. That might just be a good "make-do" to make up for my lack of SRE supplies!

I think these embellishments with a lot of layered stitches and teenie bead additions will be just what our pillow needs!

Stitch on!


piney cq said...

I LOVE that boot/shoe stamp!! How kewl is that!!! Have you tried the leaf up on the gold patch to show it offf more? Maybe an outline stitch swirl around it to show movement? Don't know... need more coffee!!! Great block! Love what you're going to add too!!

Pat Winter said...

This is going to be beautiful I love the little shoe pincushion pattern. I can't wait to see watch the progress.