Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Redwork Ornament #7

Redwork Ornament #7
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Last night I finished #7 in the series of 12 Redwork Ornament designs I have been doing. Isn't #7 a great design? I've been loading pictures of each one of these into Flickr as I finish, but I haven't blogged any since #4. Scroll down and you can see #5 and #6!

This kind of embroidery is very calming for me and quite easy to do as I watch tv in the evenings when the light isn't so good. I have my floor Ott light AND my portable Ott light in there to use and I need them both at night. Last night I was watching Heartland, The Closer and Saving Grace all summer program series being run on TNT. I like all 3 of them.

I can't seem to work on the cq pillow in the evenings when the light is not so good in my temporary studio. Not much stitching progress has been made on the pillow project, but today after my regular dental appointment I stopped with my coupon for Michael's Crafts. I discovered that they had their Bead Heaven beads on sale and I got two packages of assorted beads - one gold and the other what they call amethyst. That should give me enough variety to add to the very basic box of small seed beads that I kept out of storage.

Also there are a few nice chunky beads in each that will enable me to make nice 3-D ends for the pins in that boot pincushion outline design. I got that design traced on tissue and found my dark purple silk floss so I'll be starting that next. I like to do any patch embroidery before I get much of anything else on a block so that if I want to use a hoop I can without smooshing other seam treatments.

Last night my round-the-corner-friend and I made an order from Ribbonsmyth.com. So, depending upon how fast our order arrives, I just MAY have some silk ribbon to use on this pillow. I want to get the basics done and have it temporarily put together though so it can be displayed on our bed this Sunday when the open house is happening here.

I can't help thinking about having a new studio space eventually and have been searching for different storage options online. Storing regular sewing thread has always been a problem for me. I have always had 2 wooden thread beds that were hung on the wall that held all my sewing thread. They currently are each residing flat on the closet shelf. They certainly can't be hung up now that all the painting has been done, but they are a major pain to take down from inside the closet when I need a certain color sewing thread. Plus, thread hanging on the wall OR on a closet shelf gets SO dusty!

I'm in the process of looking at lots of online organization sites and sewing room sites on the internet and Flickr too. I'm trying to get ideas for all KINDS of things in my future space. Offhand I think I see a trip to IKEA in my future for one thing!

This afternoon I went to JoAnn Fabrics to check out some of the storage things they had on sale for 50% off and I ended up buying 2 little 3 drawer units that I am going to try out on my worktable. If they work perhaps I can add more if I need them. I originally wanted to lay the spools down so that the colors would be obvious when you pull out a drawer. I was surprised that the spools (I took some with me!) fit standing on end in these drawers. They looked more shallow in JA's online pictures. Perhaps if I put color labels on each drawer they will work.

How do YOU store your thread?

Stitch On!

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