Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Redwork Ornaments #9 and #10

Redwork Ornament #9
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Tonight I finished the 10th ornament design in this Redwork set I'm doing. And I started on #11 while I watched that new quiz show called The Power of 10. Scroll down to see #10. I haven't figured out how to put two pictures into a blog post yet! I think my problem may be that I only know howo to blog from my site.

I've not accomplished much except these 2 designs in the past few days. Too busy with laundry, ironing and fighting a war with a major ant invasion in the kitchen. I hope I've won, but tomorrow morning could bring a whole new battlefront!

Our realtor's open house here went well (her words) this past Sunday. Three families who have just started the search for a new home visited and seemed to love our home. All three, however, wish it had more square footage. There's not much we can do about that. It is what it is!

I'm sure somewhere in this town they could get more square footage for the same price, but they perhaps wouldn't get our quiet court location, superior elementary school, our large yard, the pool or many of the upgrades we've done to the house like the gourmet kitchen.

There IS someone out there for whom this house will be perfect. We just have to be patient. After the months of preparation, it's a bit strange to just sit here waiting. I'm trying to stay busy. I have actually gone back to regular practice on my piano every day and am doing a lot of reading. Just finished "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini who lives here in No. California now but was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. His first novel was "The Kite Runner".

I have to admit that I'm a bit fearful of the time when the house actually sells because then the angst will begin over where we are going! I'm not so good at decisions these days. I used to be able to move at the drop of a hat, but I am not sure I have the energy it's going to take to make a big move!

Today my order of "back up" cq supplies arrived so now I can continue work on the purple and gold pillow cover. However, one of my silk ribbon colors was out of stock, so that has thrown a monkey wrench into my plans. I am anxious to get going on the embellishment but have a few more stitches to go before that boot pincushion motif is done. I'm finding it hard to work on the fine lines of embroidery in the evenings. Perhaps I need to work on it more during the day. It's not like I don't have time! So I will just.....

Stitch On!


marmalade81j said...

Hi Louanne!
I was wondering if you made your own redwork patterns or if you purchased them? I like the designs and was thinking about doing redwork for Christmas this year.

LouAnne said...

Jenn: I don't recall where I got the Ornament patterns. I finished that set in 2007. If you belong to any redwork groups at perhaps you could find them in the member files. That MAY be where I got them.