Friday, August 17, 2007

Redwork Ornament #8

Redwork Ornament #8
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Well, I've been busy, for the last couple days, but when the light got dim again I had to stop working on that boot pincushion motif on the crazy quilt pillow. So I finished up the 8th redwork Christmas ornament design. I say "finish" but just now I noticed I forgot to put the cluster of colonial knots in the center of this design. Duh.....

Besides working on the crazy quilted pillow, yesterday I decided to try to hide some of the clutter in my office and studio. I used muslin to make curtains for the front of my office supply cabinet and to hide the space under my cutting/work table in the studio. Fortunately I kept a bolt of muslin out of storage and sequestered in my studio closet.

I bought the velcro that has the stiff side made with a sticky back and adhered it to both pieces of furniture. I wonder if it will come off when or if I want to remove it! Yikes!

I made the curtains, which are split in the middle for easy access, with 1" headers and sewed the 1" wide soft side of the velcro to the back of the header.

I've added the pictures of what I did below. Although the pillow doesn't look like it's going to be ready for the open house this Sunday, at least my clutter will be hidden from view.

With the real estate market in such a sad state we aren't expecting miracles, but it just takes one person and we're hoping that person comes by this Sunday. Currently in our town there are 1319 homes for sale and not very many buyers out there. About 15-20 homes seem to be selling every week, so guess we just have to wait our turn.

I can't wait for our new life to start, but until then I'll just keep my fingers busy ....

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Sweet P said...

Wow! You have been busy with the Christmas ornaments. They are adorable. Great job on making the curtain. It looks lovely.