Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bye Bye Yellow - Hello Boring Beige

Well, actually the paint color is called "coffee cream", but it's less than inspiring to me. Hopefully some new home seeker will just love the neutrals we've plastered on our walls to prep the house for sale.

Pardon the bit of a mess, but last night I had a piecing party in there. Well.........I guess I should call it a "piecing frenzy" because there was no food nor any drinks served. So, twas not much of a party. I did however get 4 more 8" crazy quilt blocks pieced from my teaching share box-now-a-bag. I'm trying to make as many blocks as I can from this box of odd fabrics I have accumulated in the last 6 years as I taught crazyquilting classes.

My "share box" from students came about because my very first crazyquilt friend sent me some of her class share box to get me started. I hadn't even thought about a share box as I prepared to teach my first classes. It turned out to be a very good thing as students loved to dig through it to find just the right piece of fabric for the blocks they were making in the piecing class. Lots of my students also donated pieces to the box, so it's quite an eclectic assortment of fancy fabrics.

I've already put all of my own fancy fabric stash in storage in preparation for the move. All, that is, except the little pieces in my "piecing buddy!" (see below) I decided, when I remembered I still had the share box, that I would make up as many naked cq blocks as I could and donate whatever I ended up with to the Silent Auction at the CQ Society's Retreat in July. Unfortunately I will be unable to go to Omahahaha for their 10th Anniversary celebration, so I will send these to my buddy, Mona, to take when she goes. Hopefully the blocks will bring in some scholarship dollars or donation dollars to Breast Cancer Research.

Well, back to packing & piecing!

Stitch On!


Solstitches said...

Not being much of a yellow person myself I much prefer the boring beige.
Good luck with your house move. I hope you get your dream basement studio.


Tootie said...

Hi Louanne-
You visited my blog ( asked if I knew of any books for soldering. This is a good one, Pretty Little Things by Sally Alexander. Soldering is one of those things you must need to practice to get a smooth bead. I'm still practicing and I even took a few stained glass classes. It gets a little better each time I do it!