Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bitty Baby Doll Hat

Bitty Baby Doll Hat
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For the past few days I have been trying to get the hang of the new-to-me set of Knifty Knitter circle looms. This doll hat was made on the smallest blue loom. My "model" Bitty Baby named Ashley that belongs to my friend's granddaughter is still visiting me. I plan to make her a bunting to match this hat and then return her next Monday. She came to me naked and so this will be my thank you for her modeling stint.

The hat still awaits a pompom and, since any pom pom "thing" I might have is in storage, I'm not sure but that I should just go buy one of the newer ones I've seen on the internet. They look much improved.... Or perhaps I should try to make one myself without any fancy tool. Will have to decide at some point because I also want to make my granddaughter's doll one of these hats to go with that hot pink poncho outfit I sent her.

The dolly wardrobe was a big hit Christmas morning according to my daughter. Isabelle also got another baby doll from Santa and she quickly figured out that her new baby could wear the same size about as the Bitty Baby. Possibilities are endless now for this Gramma (called Maas by her grands) to endlessly design and sew babydoll clothing!

As for these circle looms, once you get the hang of them, they make a hat quite quickly. At first though I thought I could have knit one with needles MUCH faster; it was a little discouraging. Now I also want to try one for G (dh) from a less bright color using the 2nd largest green circle. He says he would like something in the green color family because he just got a new dark green sweatshirt.

So I guess my stitching vacation is over. After embroidering on those jeans for Isabelee for Christmas my hands were swollen and sore, so I took a week off from stitching. I did a lot of reading, but mostly I was bored out of my head! I live to stitch! Good thing I have a lot of projects lined up to keep me busy!

Stitch On!

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