Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fran's Angel

Fran's Angel
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The lovely ornament was made by Fran for Andrea. Fran is a great cross stitcher. She came to our group because she was curious about the stitching Sandy and I were doing on the crazyquilt blocks. First she took my piecing class and then the stitch class. Then she discovered that I have a passion for Redwork embroidery and she and I started trading patterns. More often than not she and I are doing redwork at our monthly meetings.

We all love her cross stitch work though and still wonder how she gets so much done when she still has children at home and also has a full time job as a secretary for a school Principal.

I sat next to her last Saturday at our holiday party at Olive Garden and I think I now know her secret! Shhhhhh....don't tell, but she confessed to me that she has a HOUSEKEEPER. My friends: she doesn't have to do housework! Boy! that would sure make MY life easier!

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