Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tote & Poncho for Sissy!

Tote & Poncho for Sissy!
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Well, obviously the doll clothes making bug has bit me! Last evening while watching a couple rare new programs on tv, I sewed up this little tote and pink poncho for my granddaughter's doll. Just when I'm getting in the swing of making doll clothes, I have to quit and get all this in the mail.

If you'd like to see the other outfits I made for the doll, just click on this picture and you will find yourself in my Flickr picture site where you can see a dress, a pants & shirt outfit and a nighty.

This little tote was on a preprinted panel for 18" dolls. I must have made the outfit (robe & pj's) for one of my other grandgirl's American Girl doll a few years ago. I found this in a box of doll clothes things.

The pink poncho was an afterthought and the poor doll won't have anything to match, but I have some pink fabric for pants which I will send to my granddaughter after Christmas. .....unless of course I get another spurt of energy later today! LOL!

Stitch on my friends! Hope all your holiday preparations are going well. I hope to get to a little baking tonight!

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