Saturday, February 09, 2008

Been Busy stitching....

.....and catching up! After vacation in early January and 2 weeks of fighting a nasty bug in late January that left me dizzy, I'm stitching like mad here to catch up.

I've finally caught up and actually gotten a head on the round robin that I'm in on the Crazyquilting Int'l list. It's a Jewels on Black RR.

I was half done with Leslie's block when I fell ill with that wierd bug. I had about finished with it when, lo and behold, along came Sossity's block which was next in the rotation. I've actually gotten them both done now and sent off together to Hideko in Japan. The picture here is of the fly stitch lace I did on Leslie's block.

Scroll down for all the detail pictures of my work on Leslie's(4 pics) and Sossity's(3 pics) blocks. As always there is more detailed info if you click on the block to enlarge it.

The next picture below is another seam of layered stitches on Leslie's block - all done with Rainbow Gallery silk pearl threads. I used gold because she included some gold embellished fabrics on her "all black" block and I thought I should spread the gold around the block a bit.

Next is the gold sewing thread spider and web I did on one patch of Leslie's block. I tried to position it so that one of the other stitchers could surround it with some pretty silk ribbon or embroidered flowers.

The next picture is of the 4th and last seam I did on Leslie's block. It's featherstitching in silk pearl and then I added detached chain stitches and beads.

Below that is the first seam I did on Sossity's block. It's a more simple fly stitch lace run because of the seams position on the block. On the top are some lazy daisy clusters. Again it was all done with RG silk pearl.

Next on Sossity's block is a silk pearl patch motif that I built around a vintage hand carved mother of pearl ring with added beads.

Finally the last picture added of Sossity's block is of a double run of cretan stitch on a seam done with YLI "jeans thread" that is a variated thread with all jewel tones. Can you tell I love the cretan stitch? Of course I also added some beads!

Now I'm off to work on my January and February Take it Further challenges. Phew! Hope to catch up by the end of February!

Stitch On!

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Charlene said...

Sorry you've been feeling poorly! But what a beautiful after effect. Love your seam work.