Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ruby Doll for Izzy

Ruby Doll for Izzy
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This doll that I made for my granddaughter, Izzy, is done and ready to leave today for TX. Izzy is having her tonsils out next Tuesday and I hope, at the very least, it will make her smile. Who knows? Perhaps she will be able to take it to the hospital on the big, but dreaded, day.

This is my first attempt at this pattern, but I simply LOVE how this doll turned out. You can find this pattern here. At the site there is even a group for those who are making these dolls from the pattern.

Being a novice dollmaker I had a bit of trouble sewing, turning and stuffing the legs. The arms were not as hard. I loved making the face, the base of which is a felt oval. I added a bit of chocolate wave print fabric for her hair and the pink felt cheeks. Then I used silk floss to embroider her sleeping eyes and red lips.

The body and arm fabrics are from the Robt. Kaufman line called "Every Iota" which also has a Christmas/Holiday colorway. I'm thinking that I will at least make one more of these dolls using the holiday prints and perhaps turn her into an angel with some kind of wings and a halo!

The last thing I did was iron on a label I had that says "Grandma Loves You" even though she doesn't call me Grandma. All my grands call me "Maas" and that is a long story I won't get into for now.

Stitch On Smiles!


Anonymous said...

Hi Louanne! Thanks so much for trying my Ruby Doll pattern. So glad that you enjoyed making her and yours turned out beautifully! I love all the fabrics you have used and the face is very sweet. Adapting it into an angel is a wonderful idea - hope you'll be able to make an Angel Ruby Doll and submit it to the Flickr group :-) And hope your granddaughter gets well soon - I am sure she will love the doll you have made for her.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Oh LouAnne - no wonder your granddaughter loves her Ruby doll! She is precious!!

Crazypatch said...

gorgeous? I love this ruby doll...