Thursday, February 14, 2008


Valentine Flowers-2008
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If you celebrate Valentine's Day, I hope your day today was full of love and surprises from those you love.

G and I always love surprises and these wonderful flowers came today from our 3 Georgia grandchildren, Joshua, Riley and Lauren. Aren't they just so Spring-eeee?

I love tulips and it's the one bulb I have never been successful in growing at Hydrangea House. I plant them and they disappear! At least my daffodils don't disappear. However even those don't flower much. At the moment out front there is a whole lot of foliage and no buds - not even ONE! In back I think I'm a little luckier this year.

Stay tuned for Spring!

No flowers from G this year, but he made up for it big time with a combo 40th anniversary & Valentine's Day gift that blew me away.. My gift for him of a golf lesson from his club's pro looked pitiful along side, so I just finished baking him an apple pie which is his favorite dessert.

It's a far cry from one of our first Valentine's Days maybe 39 years ago. Money was tight so I painstakingly baked a chocolate cake from scratch in heart shaped pans. After carefully frosting my double layered creation, I put a can of cherry pie filling all over the top. Everyone seemed to love that cake and it was a big surprise for G. It didn't last long. Now that I think back, I probably ate most of it. I was pregnant with our 2nd daughter at the time and I've always been able to eat sweets even when I was having morning-noon-night sickness.

That Easter when I made my usual layer cake with food color dyed coconut grass and candy eggs on top (did I tell you I loved cake?) I noticed that G didn't have any. He finally confessed that he didn't care much for cake; he actually liked pie better. And, "oh, by the way," he says, " I hate cherries."

40 years later I make jokes about cherries and beets, which he also hates. But this year the man deserves everything he loves for dinner: a pasta dish he loves, salad, french bread and apple pie, which I've grown to like too!

Happy Valentine's Day!


The Sick Chick said...

I'm sorry if you've posted this (I can't remember, one of those days!) ut what was his gift to you? :)

Karrin Hurd said...

Beautiful flowers. I am tagging you LouAnne, see my CQ blog if you have time.