Sunday, February 17, 2008

Harbingers of Spring

Harbinger of Spring
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Yesterday, February 16, 2008, this lone daffodil opened in the noontime sunshine. While everything else is still dormant, here came a daffodil that was planted 23 or 24 years ago during the first year we were at Hydrangea House. Eventually the nearby rosemary grew over it and buried it. The rosemary was cut back last summer to neaten up the yard so we could sell the house. Now this lone beauty finally is again able to pop it's little head up to say "Hello, It's Spring!"

Today when I was out and about running errands to Jo-Ann Fabrics, a Beauty Supply Store and Michael's, I noticed more signs of Spring. The Tulip trees are in full bloom and actually some of them are losing their blossoms already. The Ornamental Pear trees (Bradford Pear?) are in FULL bloom and gorgeous.

Out front of Hydrangea House the white cyclamen have popped up from their hiding places and the Spanish lavender's purple blooms are waving in the gentle breeze.

The Hydrangea bushes all have fat green buds and I can't believe we will be here another year and enjoy another year of the color riot they produce. Last year I thought was our last here and so I took many pictures of the bushes so that we could remember our bloom-filled years here.

In Northern California where we are located, it seems we always get a week or 10 days of beautiful weather akin to Spring right in the middle of February. It doesn't last; in fact rain and cold is forecast for the day after tomorrow. We call it our "February summer" and sometimes it is enough to keep us going until Spring truly arrives.

Today we took advantage, as our February summer wanes, and planted 8 bare root rose bushes in the rose garden that we pulled out last year. I know we will be here to enjoy their Spring bloom, but hope fervently that we will not be living here to see the Fall bloom.

Alas, my current stitching has nothing to do with flowers. I am making a special doll for my youngest granddaughter, Izzy, who is having her tonsils out a week from Tuesday. It's called a Ruby Doll and if you click on that, the group on Flickr for them will come up.

Stitch On!

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