Friday, February 29, 2008

February Take It Further Challenge Block

I finished my Febuary TIF challenge block last evening. I can't believe I caught up before the end of February.

So here it is - doesn't it look WAY better fully embellished than it did naked? I tell you - I didn't have much hope for that naked ugly block. I guess it was just that the colors this month were SO out of my comfort zone!

Before I go on, let me say that I took detail photos of each corner and the middle of this block and you can see them in my photostream by clicking on this picture of the whole block. There's also a whole lot of detail information with each picture.

Notice the black spider this time and he has spun a corner web on this block. Valentine's Day is represented by the cupid and heart. the heart even has a crystal chip in it. I chose it to represent a wonderful gift my dh, G, gave me for "heart day!" The birds are there because last week the robins & blue jays came home to our gardens from their unknown winter hide out. The daffodil is to honor the bright clumps of yellow promises of Spring that we have enjoyed this month in the garden.

As before the base stitches on all seams were done with the 5 colors of DMC floss I chose to represent February's color pallete and further stitching and layering was done with silk pearl threads. The motifs were all done with one strand of silk floss except the daffodil and name of the month where I used 2 strands.

And then, of course, the block is beaded to the hilt as is my usual style.

Stitch On!

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Amy a.k.a. dragonryder4 said...

This block turned out so nice :) May I ask where you found the pattern for the cute little bird & also the daffodil ? I would love to put the daffodil on a C.Q. I am planning for my daughter.