Sunday, October 30, 2005

Finally Finished!

Redwork Sham
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Well, among other things I've been working on these days was the second sham in a set of Good Morning/Good Night designs for pillow shams. The pillow shams were pre-made and came with our down comforter. They were white and I dyed them a cream color. The dye I used was actually tan, but, even though the shams and comforter cover are 100% cotton, the dye took very light.
I finished the "Good Morning" one in 2004 for a class sample and started stitching the Good Night one after I returned from teaching in Omaha at the CrazyQuilt Retreat. My dh doesn't feel so neglected now that he has a decorative sham for his side of the bed.
I used DMC's floche thread for stitching both shams. Floche is a size 16 pearl cotton and I really like the old fashioned Redwork look it gives to the stitching. These designs are from Lace Tales based in TX. Their website is and they have some wonderful patterns, most of which are iron-on I think.
It feels SO GOOD to have finished something!

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Marina said...

Hi Louanne,

I love your sham. My mom has been looking for this same pattern along with the Good Morning version. We have found other versions online, but this is the one she really likes. Do you have any idea where we can find this pattern (the set) because she would like to make it. I am new to blogging, so if you could, please email me your response to Thank you so much!