Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Spring RR Finale - October 5, 2005

Four Pass Combo
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This morning I finished working on the last block of a "spring" rr that I did with a group of Colorado Crazy Quilters. The last block was Lissa's and I've posted a couple seam treatment pictures. Soon I hear that MY block will come home; can't WAIT!
It's always interesting to work on the last block in a round robin. Sometimes there's not much room left to work and other times you feel it's your duty to fill the block up and finish it. I usually approach it as if it was my block and therefore try to make it seem finished unless it's an extremely large piece.
More and more I notice my seams of choice seem to be the cretan stitch combos. Just LOVE cretan stitch - there is SO much you can do with it!
And now it's on to my New Orleans block!


piney cq said...

I'm sure Lissa will LOVE it, LA! I too love the cretan, just haven't mastered it the way you have! Maybe i'll grow up to be like you!!! :_)

LouAnne said...

Well, Miss Leslie, you don't have far to grow! Your mermaid convinced me of that!

thanks for the kudos though!