Friday, October 07, 2005

RMCQ Banner Block #2

RMCQ Banner Block #2
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Yesterday I was in a piecing frenzy here I guess. I pieced the New Orleans block and also pieced two blocks for the Rocky Mountain CQ Group's banner project. You can see the other one I pieced by clicking on the picture here and then my Flicker album will let you see the other one.
I got all 3 blocks appliqued down last night while I indulged in a little mindless tv viewing (Yea, Survivor!)so now it's onto the fun part!
The good outweighed the bad yesterday with the arrival of the wool block and my piecing progress. The bad was an annoying attempt by someone to hijack my ebay id. After spending about an hour late last night, I got it all resolved, but WHAT A PAIN!
Sometimes I wonder how much longer I will do eBay. 'Tis not the wonderous fun it once was, for sure!


Jacqui said...

Hello LouAnne :) lovely to see another CQer blogging. Looking forward to watching the progress on your New Orleans block and to some more great CQ.

Karen said...

Hi Lou Anne,

Welcome to the world of blogging. I've had my blog for about a year now and I went through the archives a few days ago and it was fun seeing what I've accomplished this year! I've added you to my bloglines list so I can keep up!

Can't wait to see your Katrina Block finished.


Sharkeysday said...

Nice block! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

sharonb said...

Yes nice block - I look at it and say to myself I really should do more curves on blocks - I think I am getting boring