Tuesday, October 11, 2005

First Embroidery

First Embroidery
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Ok, here's my first embroidery piece I mentioned in my earlier post. This guest towel hasn't been used very many times since I did it at age 10. It's a tad sloppy to say the least. I am glad I have kept it.

Looking at it closely it appears that I seemed to have mastered a pretty tiny stem stitch early on. I seemed only to run into problems when I was going around corners and when lines were close together. The sign post, which I think I did last, is pretty great!

It appears that I started out maybe using 3 strands of floss instead of the standard 2. I remember struggling with those lazy daisy stitches.

But ...argh!... those french knots are sloppy. But they're still there. Having been done with 3 strands also, they are VERY dimensional!

I've since moved on to do colonial knots instead on french knots on things as they stay tighter and don't start waving in the breeze over time.

Mum would be proud I think.

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Karen said...

Oh thanks LouAnne for showing us your first piece. Now I will have to dig out mine ... I know it is somewhere!