Sunday, October 30, 2005

Stash Sunday

Stash Sunday
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Beads Anyone?
This is the shelf in a cupboard where most of my beads live. There's also a drawer full of tubes and small ziplocks of beads but they aren't sorted yet. The towers are mostly sorted into colors, so some towers are taller than others. I counted 56 towers, but I could have missed a couple!
If you are smart enough to buy these towers always from the same place, the little individual jars can always be screwed together.
Unfortunately everytime I find a good source for them, the place discontinues them. I used to buy them always in the fishing department at Rite-Aid drug stores, but that source dried up. Then Wal-mart started carrying 4 sizes in their fishing department. I didn't get enough towers fast enough and now that department manager says they have a new supplier who doesn't offer this item to them.
Going Crazy; wanna come along? I'll drive!

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