Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's My Bag challenge piece

It's My Bag challenge piece
Originally uploaded by lasassone.
Now that I've figured out the Flicker process, I'm here to tell you today about the piece I made for the "It's My Bag" challenge that is just winding down and was run by Willa Fuller from the Quiltropolic CQ list. It's a pillow cover and was really fun to work on. The owner of the bag I got was Linda S from FL. I "think" if you click on the picture, you can also see some closeups that I added to my flicker album. I'm not totally sure that will work, but it seems it should!
Today's all about working on and finishing up a rr block that is going home to it's owner hopefully this afternoon.
Hopefully I'll have pictures of my work on that tomorrow!


Sharkeysday said...

Hooray! Thanks for putting up pictures of your stuff! I can't wait to give you a plug in my blog....are you ready for traffic?

Dawn said...

Traffic is starting already. :-)

Hi Louanne! Lovely work! I saved your blog addy from the CQList. {g}

Hi Sharkeysday! Where have I seen you before?! {J/K} :-)

piney cq said...

Beeeeeaaaauuuuutiiiiifulll block LA!!! I LOVE it! Your usual wonderful stitching!!! Oh!! And did I say I LOVE it???? :_) Congrats on the new blog too!!! We will cq this world yet!