Monday, June 11, 2007

Conference blocks 1

Conference blocks 1
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Well, I've been in a piecing frenzy here amidst the chaos of packing up to move. In the evenings when I'm tired from all the hard decisions I'm having to make about "stuff", it's been relaxing to do some handpiecing. I always pin-baste the blocks I piece and I've always found the next step of hand applique to be quite soothing.

At last count there are 16 blocks and there may be more to come. Because I'm piecing them out of my class sharebox ONLY, they are an odd bunch of blocks. Some, like these two, could be considered a pair - mostly though only because they are both blue based. There's still a lot of fabric pieces left, but finding things that are well-coordinated is getting more difficult.

The last four I pieced still need the "limit line" stitched so I'm taking them with me today in my tote when I take my husband, aka G, in for his outpatient hernia surgery. I should be able to keep myself busy with that, some redwork AND the last 3 days of newspapers which I've not had time to read.

I thought that I was going to be without a computer today, but the painter is working in another room. I suspect that means that tomorrow, when I really WANT to show you some more blocks, I'll be "unplugged!"

Alas, I just might have to clean house instead. Hmmm, unless I can sneak into my boring beige room and stitch. G will be recuping in front of his television and probably won't notice WHAT I do!

Stitch on!

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