Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dodi Block #1

Color CQ Block #1
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One of the projects that I kept aside when packing up my studio for our impending move was a series of 6" crazyquilt blocks all made in a single color family. I no longer belong to the yahoogroups list that had this color challenge but I want to complete the project I intended to create at the time. The moderator of that list would name a color every month and then we would all make a 6" block using fabrics only in that color. I was one of very few crazyquilters on that list, but I decided right away that I would do my blocks ala crazyquilt.

I also decided that I would do all the embellishments with black pearl cotton and black beads. The reason for this is because of my mother in law. She started crazyquilting in the late 1960's and some of you know perhaps the story of her crazyquilt jacket that I was supposed to inherit. It has been listed on the Lost Quilts site for many years now. For those who don't know about it and are curious, here's the link:

Dodi used only black for her stitching on her crazyquilted items, I decided I would mimic her style but also add beads which she had never done. Since she had left me her fabric stash as well as the jacket, I have also used one piece of her fabric in each block. In this blue block, the piece from her stash is the blue satin center.

After I had gotten 2 or 3 blocks done, I came up with the idea of using all 12 monthly blocks as a border perhaps around something that she had made. She was an avid "sane quilter" as well as a crazyquilter. I haven't found anything just right yet and I'm beginning to think maybe I'll have to just use her stash to put together a centerpiece. As I finish up the stitching on a few of the 12 blocks, I will have to think about it some more.



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