Saturday, June 23, 2007

Doll Quilt Challenge

Doll Quilt Challenge
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Last evening I finished the top of my disappearing 9 patch doll quilt for the doll quilt challenge group at My problem with the pattern was that I messed up the splitting of the 9 patches vertically and horizontally. Don't ask! I started with 6" blocks and I ended up with 4" blocks because I had to square the wonky results up!

Soooooo, best laid plans....I had to come up with a new plan for the doll quilt and I came up with this. I had bought the red star fabric that also has turquoise stars in it for the binding and so I cut 4" blocks and pieced it on point. I actually like it better than what I had planned!

This is only the top of course. It measures about 19" x 14". I need to layer it and machine quilt it tonight. I think the disappearing 9 patch pattern would work way better with larger blocks. Because I was working with 2.25" squares the back of this quilt top is fraught with seams but they are all nicely pressed and not at all wonky as is my usual problem. However, the smallness and seams led to my problem in splitting the 9 patch blocks correctly. That's all I'll say; I'm not owning up to the actual doofus mistake I made.

I still plan to bind the little quilt with the red star fabric. All the fabric came from Wal-mart because I don't have any of my stash here at the house. It's all in storage until we move and I might add that it is in the BACK of the storage unit where I cannot access it at all.

When I saw what the color suggestions were for June, I wasn't sure I would like the red and aqua combo, but I'm lovin' this quilt! It's going to be hard to part with it should I decide to gift it.

I saw another participant's website this morning. She is expecting a baby and has decorated the baby's nursery walls with the doll quilts she has made and some she received in an exchange which is another list at Isn't that a great idea for a nursery? I might just have to decorate my new studio that way when we get moved...... hmmmmmm.......

Ah well, back to stitching on block #2 of 4 for the Christmas Mystery Quilt squares!

Stitch on!

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