Monday, June 11, 2007

Donation Blocks 2

Donation Blocks 2
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Here are two more of the blocks I pin-pieced and hand appliqued. I will be donating this bunch of blocks to the silent auction at the Crazy Quilt Society's retreat in Omaha in July. The proceeds of the silent and live auction go to Breast Cancer Research and scholarships for attendees of the CQ Society's Retreats.

In case anyone is wondering about the block sizes.....I failed to mention in this morning's post that these are 8" blocks done on a 10" base.

Because of what was in my class share-box AND the fact that my own cq fabrics are in storage, I am severely limited with the color schemes in these blocks. Some however are standing outo as "pairs" or "triples. I think there might be a little more of this cute handbag print in the pile,but the pastels that will go with it are really running low.

Rather than blog all of the 16 blocks I've finished and the additional 6 more I started tonight, I will be posting pictures in my Flickr account, so if you just click on the picture that accompanies this post, you will be able to see the others, if you are interested, by following my photo stream on Flickr.

I managed to get the limit lines done on the last 4 I had previously pieced today while waiting for G's surgery to be over. In his words, "it was a piece of cake"..... I'm sure he's going to be sore tomorrow, but he's a trooper and has been through all this before. He tells everyone that this is his last surgery because they've fixed everything now and there's nothing else that can go wrong! I wish! It's always very nerve wracking for me and our girls when he has surgeries, but compared to his heart surgery this really WAS a piece of cake!

Stitch on!

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Charlene said...

Very pretty blocks - remind me of some of my own color schemes, but then, where did I get some of my fabric? :-)